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Evidence-based Approach

Teach Effectively

AutiKnow employs proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methods for teaching individuals on the spectrum.  This step-based process allows for highly customized lessons which reinforce core behaviors and lead users toward skill mastery more quickly.
Comprehensive Data Collection

See Progress Live

AutiKnow collects a variety of behavioral and learning data from users and applies patent-pending analysis to better understand how users are learning and progressing with the tasks at hand.  The data can tell a teacher or school where to focus or direct IEP creation, and share progress with parents in real time.
Online and Offline Capabilities

Go Where You Need

AutiKnow is truly mobile, working regardless of the Internet connection.  You can go in the car, to the doctors, to recess, or even inside your home, and still capture a user’s attention.  Come back in range of the cloud and have everything sync automatically.

Key People

AutiKnow is developed by a team from Technology for Autism Now, Inc, a non-profit focused on using technology to improve the lives of people with ASD and those around them.


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Marie Duggan

Marie is the President and Founder of Technology for Autism Now, and has worked with individuals on the spectrum and their families, including her own, for over two decades.  She based AutiKnow on techniques she developed to help her son learn and develop communication skills offline.  The advent of the tablet offered a new, more engaging medium to help to many more.  Marie is a frequent speaker and advocate on the topics of autism education, helped establish the Mayor’s Autism Task Force and high school education program along side Mayor Thomas Menino in Boston, and sits on the board of The Bridge Center, and The Boston Higashi School.